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With your help, fifteen students will be able to dive into a new culture and discover what makes South Korea’s high tech on of the best in the world. Learn how to become our sponsor.

MX On Tour 2019 Committee is grateful to the following companies :


Composites Busch is part of the Busch group of companies, a leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and systems for industry worldwide. Founded in 1988, Composites Busch is based in Porrentruy, Switzerland, where over 70 engineers, technicians and other skilled specialists are employed to create customized, high performance composite materials, components and finished products for a variety of industry sectors.

Key areas of focus are composite solutions for medical technology and medical devices, mechanical industry, luxury and lifestyle, transport and aerospace as well as 3D additive manufacturing.




DuPont  is a leader company in the businesses of electronics and imaging, transportation and industrial, nutrition and biosciences as well as security and construction.

Based on 200 years of experience and 32000 employees all around the world, this company  is succesfully involded into solving global problems and improving everyday life.



Ceramaret is a company specialized in high-precision advanced ceramics.  Ceramaret designs and manufactures components from ultra-hard materials such as advanced ceramics (zirconia, alumina) and synthetic sapphire and ruby.

Established in 1907, Ceramaret has been successful in opening itself up to new technology which enables clients and partners to benefit from its decades of experience in the shaping and machining of advanced ceramics and hard materials.
Today, components produced by Ceramaret have become internationally recognized for their quality and unmatched performance.